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  • $1.00 Or Less Value Center
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Health, Beauty, Clothing & Hair Supplies & Accessories!

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We are designing this site to become your premier online showcase to find affordable and reliable sources for quality merchandise and services not to exceed the $1.00 price level. Sound impossible ? We don't think so. With so many $ 1.00 stores. We think we are on target. So what's the difference between and every other dollar price store you ask ? At we are not only limited to our own inventory of retail type items for $ 1.00 but we intend to open up things to allow outside providers just like you a competitive marketplace where they may offer their own merchandise and also professional services such as computer web hosting, vanity email, domain name registration and a world of other technology and really any type of good or service that can be sold for a grand price not to exceed ONE stinking dollar.

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We are not going to use this site just to feature our own stores. We are going to make it very easy for anyone who sells Dollar and Less Value Priced Merchandise to easily be featured on this site as well. Business Brings Business and we know that the more different $1.00 & Less Items and Stores we can feature on this site. Ultimately the more people will be shopping for Dollar And Less Merchandise! 

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This might sound crazy but we welcome competition here at We have found many if not most companies are afraid of their competition. Here at we welcome you. If you can offer your goods or services for Only $1.00 And Even Less ? Bring it on and let the competitive games begin. Our price wars are the consumers field day for low cost shopping. We do battle, They win and we all win in the increased business and market attention the price wars will bring on. We are not here for you to offer bait and switch schemes that offer a dollar service only to attempt to sell the customer a higher priced product. You must be able to easily offer what you advertise to the customer if they wish to buy it. It must be of reasonable quality and perform the function in which it is advertised to deliver. If you have it, can produce it and deliver it for Only $ 1.00 & Even Less ? Again, We Welcome You. If you have had dreams of retail or online selling and you have not wanted to take the chance of a traditional brick and mortar high retail overhead store which seems questionable at best today. If you can deliver a service or product that will not exceed the grand total of the $ 1.00 price level ? We want to help you realize your future retail or online dreams. Here at we really want to push the envelope on just what can be sold for Only One Dollar & Even Less. "Reasonable" shipping charges of course are understood. Emphasis here on "Reasonable" will be taken into consideration for all items approved for sale on

We are very aggressively looking for business operators who can offer New Shoes and Clothing Items at $ 1.00 And Even Less. Figure this one out and great rewards await you. You have the deals, We have the store & venue to showcase them. Sell It For A Dollar & Even Less & We Welcome You To The World's New Bargain Center!

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We are building the ultimate Dollar And Less Low Cost model which will become the most successful We are looking for hard working partners who wish to share in our success with us. If you show us you can sell a whole lot utilizing the site and format, You have ideas, We want to help. Our entire model will be based on we can help you and you can help us. It all works out and we have all helped the consumer! Everybody Wins When It's Only $1.00 & Even Less! As a sign of our commitment to the success of this site and your as well. We might even just almost give you your own store in an outlet store sub format featuring the famous easily remembered name. They can't forget the place where they found it for $1.00 And Even Less!

Dollar & Less Smart Price Clothing

You Can Even Dress & Cloth Members Of Your Family For $1.00 And Even Less!

  • Dollar And Less Clothes For Kids!
  • $1.00 Family Clothing Items
  • $1.00 Name-brand, Irregular & Generic Tourism Printed, Silk Screened Graphic T-Shirts. Hanes, Gildan, Fruit Of The Loom and Jerzees.
  • $1.00 Florida, New York, Virginia and Various State Tourism T-Shirts.
  • $1.00 Hats
  • $1.00 Socks of Almost Every Length, Type & Color.
  • $1.00 Underwear & Women's Lingerie Items.
  • $1.00 Purses, Change & Billfold.
  • $1.00 Baby Clothes.
  • $1.00 Earrings, Jewelry, Bracelets.
  • $1.00 Kids & Closeout Bargain Shoes.
  • $1.00 Beachwear, Towels, Flip, Flops, Seashells, Swimming Goggles, Snorkels, Mask and Inflatable Pool and Beach Toys.
  • Various Textiles & Apparel Items.
  • Fleece Scarves, Winter, Driving Work & Various Purpose Gloves.
  • Sunglasses and Various Reading Glasses.
  • Novelty Buttons, Patches & Youth Fashion Accessories.

Dollar & Less Kitchen Wares

  • $1.00 Quality Glass & Bar Beverage Stemware

  • Kitchen Food Storage Organizers, Containers Plastic Bins, Fabric-Lined Baskets, Food Storage Glass Jars, Bottles.

  • Cleaning Products & Paper Goods, Kitchen, Household Bath Toilet Bowl, Brushes, Mops, Sponges and more!

  • Laundry Detergent, Baskets, Hampers, Coat Hangers & Closet Organizers.

  • $1.00 Coffee, Late' & Frappe, Fruit Tea Mugs and Glassware.

  • $1.00 China Dinner Serving Plates

  • $1.00 Flatware, Knives, Forks Spoons, Wood and Plastic Handle Steak Knives. 

  • $1.00 Cooking Utensils, Stirring Mixing, Baking, Big Spoons, Spatulas, Timers, Eggcups, Measuring Cups, Egg Slicers, Cheese Graters in all sizes, Can Openers, BBQ, Brush, Tongs, Fork, Skewer, Outdoor Grill Accessories.

  • $1.00 Cookie, Pie, Cake & Desert Baking Pans.

  • Salt, Pepper Shakers, Cooking Seasonings, Spices, Flavorings Marinades etc.

  • $1.00 & Less Movie Theater Candy, Popcorn and assorted treats for both home movie and theater going fans!

More Great Dollar & Less, Value-Finds!

What Kind Of Great Deals & Treasures Can You Expect For Only $1.00 & Even Less Here On Your Dollar and Less Site?

  • Toys, Stuffed Animals, Baby Goods and Various Children's Novelty & Fun  Items including but not limited to dinosaurs, tic-tac-toe game boards, various puzzles, high flying foam darts, wind-up fishing game, dress-up accessories for princesses, musical instruments, art tools, squeezable shape shifting fun balls and more. 
  • Children's Books Including Story, Big Books, Coloring and Picture Books, and Various Kids Reading Materials.
  • Lawn & Garden Small Tools & Handy Homecare Items, Telephone, I-Pod/MP3 Music Player and Computer Accessories.
  • Duracell, Energizer, Ray-O-Vac, Panasonic & Various House Brand Batteries, Flashlights & Emergency Storm Preparation Items.
  • Plant, Garden & Seed Items, Garden Shovels, Plant Trellis, Flower Pots, etc.
  • Candles, Scented Candles, Air Fresheners, Room Deodorizers and Various Room Smell-Good Items.
  • Bath, Beauty & Health Items. Soap, Shampoo, scented soaps, Bath Oils, Bath Sponges, Body Powders, Razors, Shaving, Perfume, Hair Care, Various Toiletry and Hygiene items.
  • Aspirin, Over The Counter Medicines, Cold Flu, Allergy Pain Relief, First Aid Bandages, Band Aids, Self Help Home Remedies.
  • Food Snacks, Candy Items, Potato Chips, Crackers, On-The-Go Foods and Even Frozen Meats In Some Locations.
  • Pet Items and Foods, Dog Collars, Leashes, Harnesses, Dog Food Cat Food Canned & Dry, Pet Scoops & Kitty Litter
  • Home Decoration Including Picture Frames, Refrigerator Kitchen Magnets, Organizers.
  • Home, Office, School Supplies, Paper, Pencils, Binders, Textbook Covers, Organizers, Book bags, Scrapbooking Packages, Binders, Stickers and Assorted Plain, Color, Construction & Specialty Paper assortments.
Dollar & Less Holiday Occasion, Seasonal, Festivity & Decorative Items
  • Holiday Greeting Cards
  • Christmas Decorations & Ornaments. Christmas Candy, Candy Canes, Chocolates & Holiday Peppermints, Poinsettia Christmas Flowers, Various Shape Gold Hanging Ornaments,
  • Christmas Lights, Tabletop Christmas Trees, Tinsel, Hanging Santa Klaus Wall & Door Ornaments.
  • Gift Wrapping Paper, Tissue Paper, Gift Bags, Gift Boxes, Stationary, Cards, Ribbons, Bows and Holiday Packaging.
  • Birthday Gift Wrapping Paper, Candles and Birthday Party Items.
  • Halloween Pumpkin Decoration, Candy, Spooky and Creepy Lighting, Spider Web, Halloween Costumes, Superhero, Princess, Ghost, Monster, Goblin and various totally spooktacular scary decorations.
  • Valentines Gift Items including sweetheart chocolates, Valentines Cards, Keepsakes, Hearts and other Valentine Gift Giving Items.
  • Easter Egg Hunt, Dye, Grass, Easter Baskets, Chocolate Easter Bunny & Candies. Life Savers Jelly Beans, Chocolate Easter Eggs and assorted Easter Treats! 
  • St. Patrick's Day Green Clover, Lucky Irish, Leprechaun, Clover and other Good-Luck Green St. Patty's Day Holiday Treats.
  • 4th Of July Sparklers, Streamers, Party Favors, American Flags, Mini Flag Pins, Patriotic America Streamers, Table Cloths, Holiday Cookout & BBQ Items, Lighters, Matches & Various Independence Day Holiday Theme Items!
  • Decorative Glass Vases, Mini Aquarium and fish tank supplies, Paper Weight, Decorative Wire-lock Jars, Marbles, River Rocks, Ceramic Incense Burners, Lawn, Yard and Garden Welcome Ornamental Items, Cement Pots and Vase, Decorative Metal Buckets, Assorted Decorative Artificial Mini Fruit Trees, Kitchen Glass Bottle Ornaments, Mini Iron Kitchen Skillet Decorations, Various Seasonal Wind Chimes,


There are plenty of Clothing Items Out There Priced At $1.00 & Even Less. Feature Your Own $1.00 & Less Family Clothing Goods Here On

We are most interested in your success as well as ours. We are not afraid to invest in you as well as ourselves if you are committed to the low cost model as we are. We are wholly committed to the $ 1.00 & Even Less Price Model. If you can do this. Great rewards await you.

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